irisware - 2019 updates
irisware - 2019 updates
Development of irisware has slowed in part due to my lack of skills in perl to write a decent bootstrap. 

I'm proceeding with writing the entire bootstrap in shell, which is going to be slow, because I want to ensure that this project continues currying interest.

Along with the bootstrap replacing the system shells and Perl with updated versions, it also handles:

Adding getopt_long(); - I am porting this from NetBSD and going to supply it in a header file. 
Adding useful programs like snarf (http/ftp-only version of wget that's statically linked), ncftp (which allows many extras over the standard ftp program)
Applying env variables automatically to all installed user accounts (for those interested in dev)}

The main reason why is to standardize the environment of which irisware is developed and used on as Nekoware had a serious all-over-the-place quality, with some packages running well and others like rubbish, and the build procedures varying widely. 

Combined with my attempts to break down techpubs and the neko wiki into more easily digestible info on the new-wiki, this will hopefully facilitate things.

Allow me to also address some common questions I got on the discord:

1. Have you tested replacing the default shells?
Yes, my Tezro has mksh as ksh/sh, and the latest tcsh for csh and tcsh. 
2. Why replace the default Perl?
So we aren't constrained by what /bin/perl on IRIX offers. 
3. Why do you not want people to use gld/gas (binutils)?
There's outstanding bugs related to GNU as that were never fixed before binutils and GCC dropped IRIX support. 
GNU ld produces larger binaries that are more wasteful of memory due to binutils not having good grasps on the IRIX memory and DSO layout. The fact that it results regularly in stack alignment (bus errors) and other stability issues is proof enough that the benefits of gnu ld do not outweigh the drawbacks.

That being said, the LLVM utils will be welcomed if someone gets them working, or if someone wants to try porting the gold linker to IRIX. 

I also don't have an issue with people using GCC. But please do not try and submit ports that only work with binutils. Unless you've exhaustively cleared the test suite and proven the app stable, it's not likely to make it to tier1 distribution.

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