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RE: Day job
I own my own Computer and Tech Repair business, and I was a school bus driver, took some time off to work at another Tech Support job, but plan on going back to School Bus driving when I have a chance.

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11-09-2018, 07:11 AM
RE: Day job
I work with the IT systems surrounding the DCS (distributed control system) at a paper plant/factory. There are still many Sun and HP (PA-RISC) machines running here, so even if we don't have any SGI's laying around or running I still get to work on old proprietary Unix systems every day.

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11-15-2018, 01:51 PM
RE: Day job
I work in I.T. (shocker) as it was the easiest and quickest thing for me to get into (we just do outsourced support and management for clients). Really nothing of Unix or any alternative OSes to speak of. Actually that's not true, we have one client who has an AIX box, but we don't directly manage it since we point the client to the vendor and won't have anything to do with it (I woudln't mind getting xming running on it just to see--although I'd probably have to get the vendor to get me credentials). We had some clients who had some POWER towers running OS/400|IBMi.

Except for this one time we had a client who was recycling their old PBX system--it was a pentium 3 running OS/2 Warp! It still booted and ran OS/2 with some big-daddy dual sandwiched ISA cards and more RJ11 than you could count on two hands. That's the first and last time I'll ever see OS/2 at work!

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11-21-2018, 05:52 AM

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