Sgi 320vw period correct restoration
Sgi 320vw period correct restoration
Hi everyone

I’m going to restore a 320vw the best I can and install some of my older licenses.  Here is the plan:

I have all the original licenses and software locks and authorization codes for 3dsmax r1, r2.5,r3, r4 and R7.  For this project I will install r3 as this release is what was current during the life of the 320.  Also r4 started using the C-Dilla soft lock and even though I have the long activation code, the code will not work as it is tied to the hardware and requires a different code if you change computers (similar to flexlm).  The beauty with r 3 and lower, authorization is simple as connecting the hardware lock and using the original auth code.  
Other software installs will be my old Autocad r14 as my original auth code is not tied to the hardwAre either and is also from 1998-2002.

I want to try installing maya 1 or 2.5 ( I have the disks and the license for irix but not windows) and the same goes for softimage 3d4.0.  I purchased this for irix back n 2006 when it was heavily discounted but non upgradeable.  The package comes with the windows nt installed, but I’m assuming the licensing will be the same as irix.. so I may be out of luck...

<r><E>Octane</E> 2x400mhz R12000A Octane, MXE, 4gig Ram<br/>
<E>1600SW</E> <E>O2</E> 400mhz R12000 O2, 1gig Ram AV1 - 250gig Media' raid<br/>
<E>Indy</E> 180mhz R5000 Indy XZ 256mb ram<br/>
Intel i7-990x 3.46GHz Extreme 6 core / Quadro 5000 & 2 x Tesla C2075 / 24gig Ram<br/>
Belkin Omniview SE Pro 4 port KVM connecting all 4 systems displaying on one 27" BenQ Zowie monitor.</r>
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