Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball
Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball

3 weeks ago, I've install Softimage|3D "4.0" (3.9.2) and … it's really a great software ; not as powerfull than Maya 6.5 or even Blender 2.48 but for a 2K software, it's incredible.
I love this austere UI, it remains me 3D Studio R4 or Blender 0.96 (the first version I've use).
It's not an easy software to learn and I spend lots of time to read PDF base docs and watch old trainings tapes saved on YouTube … Oh !  And now I understand the sentence : "mades on Alias, animate on Softimage" [^_^!]

Here is my first project made with Softimage|3D and rendered with Mental Ray 2.1 (the version delivered with SI3D 3.9.2). It's not and incredible modeling work, but this kind of project trainning me to understand how materials/shaders/textures/ambient color/lights work together during rendering.



Simple PHONG opaque material (no Mental Ray special shader)

Simple PHONG transparent material (no Mental Ray special shader)

Database name = Material_Test_Ball

The scene is composed of :
1 dome (inverted normals) + reflexion spherical texture
1 background  - lambert light grey + grid texture
1 opened ball - used to test material
1 socle - used to test materiel
1 ball - lambert pure white + SI3D logo / key squares
1 point light
1 cam

TAR version
ZIP version
(admins can save/share this files on Irix Network server)

Enjoy !

Nevermind if SGI is dead ... In SGI I trust (^_^!)
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04-16-2019, 09:18 PM
RE: Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball
Good start!

Now keep going👍

It was the first SGI package I ever learned and still probably my favorite classic of them all. Its simplicity belies a lot of underlying power (especially for animation), you just have to learn how to use it, like anything.

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04-17-2019, 08:57 AM
RE: Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball
awesome work!

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04-17-2019, 02:10 PM
RE: Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball
Nice, material ball scenes are a great way to learn some modeling, lighting, and shading as well as navigation in each application.

I made this crazy over engineered material scene for modo when 301 came out.

I'm wondering how it would look with a slightly soft shadow?

I'll have to try it out soon. Smile Thanks.

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04-17-2019, 05:21 PM
RE: Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball
Inspiring scene! I've got SI3d on my O2 and every time I run it, reminds me when looking at those photos in CineFex magazine showing cgi artists at work inside ILM. :-)

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04-19-2019, 12:06 PM
RE: Softimage|3D - Material Test Ball
Very Nice! Smile

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04-19-2019, 12:47 PM

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