State of IRIX Network - 2019
State of IRIX Network - 2019
Good afternoon everybody. I believe it is important to share with everybody how we're doing and how far we have come from our humble beginnings. This is also my way of being transparent about what's going on, what our plans are, our failures and our successes.

 First up, I would like to thank each and every user here for their support in use of the Wiki, Forums, Discord and IRC. We are coming close to over 500 users. 

Next I would like to thank our wonderful contributors and VIPs as well as my staff. I'd also like to address Praetor as he has disappeared from the community. He and I have had some personal disagreements and fights that had nothing to do with the community and I unfortunately did have to remove him from his staff posts after being reinstated for a few months due to repeated breaches of my personal boundaries. This was not something that I made arbitrarily and I really feel heavy hearted about it. He was my friend and he was here from the beginning. I hope he is willing to return and reconcile with us one day. 

Our successes have been quite big. The discord is dense and active with over 500 messages a day on average. I have moved us to a stable forum platform and solved all the major problems. The new wiki is coming along. 

I'd also like to address our failures. IRIX Vault is no longer coming due to community feedback doubting the utility of it. Thus I have shelved the project indefinitely. IRIXOne is still in development hell and will probably continue to be for the foreseeable future. Ultimately I blame this on my failures as a leader. The staff has been overwhelmingly patient and loyal as I've come to terms with some of these failures. irisware has made far less progress than I was hoping this is an unfortunate side-effect of my high expectations and perfectionist attitude as I do not want our community be stuck with a subpar free open source software distribution. I appreciate everybody's patience. For those of you who only browse the forums you might not be aware of some of the controversies in the discord. My inexperience leading the community of the size led to a number of instances where I ended up not communicating expectations to my staff and appearing to come across as arbitrarily enforcing rules as I saw fit. This is nobody's fault but my own and I am learning from the experiences that have come there. people are also aware that I have some controversial opinions on political and social issues. Some people have not taken very kindly to this. I am sorry that the people involved feel that way but I'm also not going to fake being a person that I'm not. Ultimately I am a user here as well as the owner and operator.

There was talk at one point about democratizing the leadership of this place but unfortunately I was not on board with this because I ultimately believe it would have led me to be written out of the site and to lead to a lot of changes that I am not comfortable with. I understand people's concerns with everything being centralized. Rest assured there are multiple backups being kept around by multiple people and I do have the ability to pass the keys on to somebody else even if I become incapacitated. 

Ultimately I want people to understand a couple of things. This was not started as a Nekochan clone or replacement. I started this because I saw a number of deficiencies in the community that were not being met. The communities were stagnating, the active user base was not engaged, many many people came on to the site just to troll or divert topics and documentation was unstandardized, scattered, and even esoteric to a certain degree. This will never replace what Nekochan was, but I hope to make it even greater. 

Again I would like to thank everybody in this community for standing by me, my contributors, loyal and patient staff, and every single user of this site even those who I have had disagreements with. It's the year 2019 and I know that we will continue to only prosper more and more as a community.

I did not communicate this to staff or other people prior to posting the main reason being that this comes from me, unfiltered and completely and totally honest.

Ultimately I love this community with all my heart and I know that we are only beginning to tap into our potential. 

Much love,

Raion (Kaz)

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