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HayeSavers Screen Savers - RobinHayes - 02-28-2019

So my proudest moment from the years I worked at SGI was when my collection of screen savers was distributed with the OS as a ‘reward’ for if you registered as a developer, you somehow unlocked my package “HayeSavers”, including such classics a ‘space’ ‘keleidoscope’, and my pride and joy ‘hypnosaver’. 

I do not know which version of IRIX they shipped with, and I cannot resurrect my SGI boxes, or my IRIX grey cells from 25 years ago to bring them back. Sad

If anyone has a screenshot from any of them, or even remembers them, let me know. I’d love to know if they’re still out there.


RE: HayeSavers Screen Savers - jan-jaap - 03-01-2019

(02-28-2019, 11:53 PM)RobinHayes Wrote:  I’d love to know if they’re still out there.

They're also on HotMix 11 it seems.


Sorry, all I've got running here right now is an Origin 350 so I can't show a picture of the sceensaver in action ...

RE: HayeSavers Screen Savers - Irinikus - 03-01-2019

Thanks for the link jan-jaap! Smile

Here they are:

RE: HayeSavers Screen Savers - gijoe77 - 03-01-2019

Hi RobinHayes!  Excellent work on these btw!!  These are all very cool - I really like stars and swirl.  Do you recall if there was/is a way to run these as a  desktop background? Sort of how powerflip can run the 3d stuff in the root window - see to understand what I mean

looks like Irinikus was posting at the same time as I was :Smile I just wanted to add one more pic.

I am having some difficulty getting these to show up under the "Customize -> screen Saver" - I'll have to play some more with it

edit: ok I looked into it - some of the screensavers names are renamed inside the screen saver menu. i.e. "icons" is called "Symetric Icons", etc - they all show up

RE: HayeSavers Screen Savers - RobinHayes - 03-02-2019

Wow!! Thanks so much to jan-jaap for finding them and to Irinikus for the video!
gijoe77 they all are just straight IrisGL programs so should run just fine in the background. I don't remember exactly how.
It's very possible I put some '-b' command options into my screensavers to make them call imakebackground() (it's starting to come back to me now) try 'icons -b'