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Posted by: DevilMaster
3 hours ago
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
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I've noticed that Ian Mapleson is selling various CrystalEyes emitters, so I googled pictures of them and I noticed that all of them end with a mini-DIN plug. This makes it it obvious how to connect them to, for example, an Indigo2, but what about an Onyx2? I've read the Onyx2 manual, and the connector marked "Stereo View" is a DB-9 port.
Ian Mapleson's page mentions a "link cable for Indy-type 3pin port". So what do I have to look for? A different cable? A mini-DIN->DB9 adaptor?

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Posted by: JacquesT
5 hours ago
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
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Would the standard Arctic 0.5mm thermal pad be OK for under heatsink spreaders on say O2 and Octane pimms? I've done some cpu changes recently and had one of the old blue pads crumble away.

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Posted by: Gerry_MAN
Yesterday, 03:12 AM
Forum: IRIX/Software
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Hi All,

I landed an SGI INDY machine off eBay a while back, and I've been attempting to install IRIX 6.5 onto a "SCSI2SD" drive that I bought online.
It's a "SCSI2SD v5.0b storage adapter" with a SAMSUNG 32GB EVO SD card inserted.

I'm using an old SCSI CD-ROM drive to install the IRIX software, and seems to be working I can access FX on the inserted Overlays Disc#1 CD.

So I think I'm close to getting it going, but I'm just having an issue getting the install process to start, due to a hard drive error. The issue is with my SCSI2SD drive, not being properly detected.

It says "Unable to such device". This appears right when I try to run the software installation after partitioning the drive. 
See the Error message below:


I can detect both the CD-ROM and the SCSI2SD drive through the command monitor and I have them set with separate SCSI IDs as shown in the image below: You can see my Environment Variables printed to the screen as well.. (I hope I'm not missing anything there...?):  

SCSI2SD Drive - ID#1  
CD-ROM Drive - ID#4

[Image: SGI_INDY_CMD_1.jpg]

I've been following this YouTube video that is pretty much running my exact setup.
Sn SGI INDY with a CD-ROM and installing IRIX 6.5 on a SCSI2SD drive.

I've programmed the SCSI2SD firmware with the same settings as was shown in the video....
My version of the config software is slightly updated version I think.....but I kept the same settings he used regardless.

After setting the Drive, I am able to load FX off the SCSI CR-ROM and proceed to format the SCSI2SD drive, and it seems to respond the same as  was shown in the video.

[Image: SGI_INDY_CMD_3.jpg]

Partition info below after running FX to partition:
[Image: SGI_INDY_CMD_0.jpg]

I've attempted to re-partition the drive a couple of times.....and also tried changing around some of my Environment variables....
I hope this was not what did me in.  The "eAddress" may have been changed but not sure..?   I also was trying different "OSSystem" and "OSLoad" partition numbers...but I still can't seem to get around the initial "NO SUCH DEVICE" error. 

Now I also ran a simple "LS" command and it displayed the same error messages for the disk(1) partitions...
As shown at the bottom of the screen image below:   "NO SUCH DEVICE" for both disk(1) partition 8 and 7.

[Image: SGI_INDY_CMD_2.jpg]

So I'm assuming that I'm either not Partitioning the SCSI2SD Drive correctly, or one of my Environment variables is wrong.... ?

Can anyone see what I might be doing wrong here?   Huh
Apologies for my ignorance.... SGI Newbie here.  

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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Posted by: Irinikus
01-21-2019, 08:45 PM
Forum: Apple/NeXT
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This shows a Blender test carried out on a Mac Pro 2013.

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Posted by: SuicideK
01-21-2019, 07:50 PM
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
- Replies (2)

Hi , been a lurker for awhile but never really post anything. I acquired an Indy yesterday with the caveat of it not booting.  When I plug it in and attempt power on the led flickers red and I hear clicking from the PSU. Seems pretty apparent to me the PSU is dead ( wall oulet and cable power other machines without issue ) before I went down the expensive route of sourcing an Indy lower supply I thought I would ask other Indy owners their thoughts and any issues I should be aware with PSU swapping.


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Posted by: Irinikus
01-21-2019, 06:27 PM
Forum: Sun/ORACLE/Fujitsu
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This is a quick demonstration of Blender's performance on a SUN microsystems V880z

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Posted by: jmjsgi
01-20-2019, 06:12 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (1)

Anyone know if the file incoming.tar in the directory : 
is a safe file?
I downloaded it twice and can not read it or extract the content.
I tried on my mac and the extraction is blocking my mac.

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Posted by: Irinikus
01-20-2019, 12:10 PM
Forum: Sun/ORACLE/Fujitsu
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This video demonstrates strangeness with OpenGL, while playing ioquake3 on the XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator.

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Posted by: Irinikus
01-20-2019, 08:27 AM
Forum: Sun/ORACLE/Fujitsu
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This is a quick tour the V880z, including a demonstration of ioquake3 on the machine.

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Posted by: LarBob
01-20-2019, 06:35 AM
Forum: IBM
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I've obtained a p5 185 server, but I'm having some issues.

First of all, I have a known working GXT 4500p installed but there is no output to the display whatsoever, even if I go into SMS and try to change the console.

Secondly, it doesn't recognize the hard drive I have installed. I have one of those 50/68pin scsi -> sca80 adapters off of eBay and have tried multiple jumper settings to try to get it to work. There shouldn't be any SCSI ID conflict or anything. The drive and adapter are both known working and I've used them in an RS/6000 before.

Thanks for any help/ideas. Big Grin

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