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Full Version: Viewing Party on Rabbit
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As we reach our years end I am throwing a viewing party on Rabbit from 6PM to 12AM Eastern time.

I have not decided quite yet what films to show, however it will be some sort of anime film. I realize this is not everyone's favorite media, and not everyone here is going to be interested, but  I still wanted to extend the invitation.

Mark it on your calendars. If interested in attending, send me a PM and I will send you my Rabbit profile.

Now for some FAQs:
  • Why is it not Christmas-themed?
I don't celebrate the holiday.
  • Why not something with old computers in it?
That seems so arbitrary, and I'd rather watch something that can fill the six hours nicely.
  • Do I have to join at 6?
Due to the length of time involved it will be open for anyone who wants to join at any point, just realize once the media is set, we're not rewinding for other users.
  • Do we get to choose what is screened?
I am open to suggestions, posted below, with three conditions:
1. It has to be an anime available in HD.
2. It has to approximate 6 hours of runtime.
3. It must be a contiguous series of films/episodes. It cannot be a cherry picked selection.
Serial Experiments Lain would be cool to show, but I think it's only a little over five hours. Probably my favorite anime next to Cowboy Bebop, and it'd be totally on brand for this forum.
A few that have been Suggested:

Madoka Film Trilogy
Ghost in the Shell 1,2, and Solid State Society
Serial Experiments: Lain
Too long, especially including the movie.
Ah I didn't realize that the whole series or sets of movies would have to fit within the proscribed time!
See no. 3 Wink
So the lineup has been decided:

I went in on a compromise here:
Start (6PM Eastern)
Ghost in the Shell 1 (English)
Ghost in the Shell 2 (English)
10 min break
Kizumonogatari 1-3 (This does not have an English dub, so it's in Japanese with subs)

You are free to join and leave at anytime but this is not a public room. You will need to add me on Rabbit, please DM me on here or discord if interested.
Just a reminder, the viewing party is 6PM EST
Viewing party was a lot of fun thanks for coming