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Full Version: ISA Sound card for Tru64/Win NT
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Are there any ISA compatible sound cards that are common/easy to source and work under both Tru64 and Windows NT? Looking for one for my AlphaPC 164SX that I have filled all 4 PCI slots on (2 for PowerStorm 4D40T graphics, 1 SCSI and 1 NIC).


You will pretty much have to rely on orginal SoundBlaster hardware, at least for NT4.

I had an old SoundBlaster 16 PnP (I can't remember the exact model) lying around, which works in my 164SX with the WindowsNT service pack 6 driver, and the ISA PnP driver. I think some readme file said, that the ISA PnP driver was pretty much made exactly for SB16 PnP cards, so probably no luck with SB "combatibles".

IIRC I installed the PNPISA driver from the SP6 disk, shut down the machine, installed the card, bootet up again, and the card was detected. I had to manually select a driver from the list.

I guess you will be able to pick a SB16 PnP card up on eBay cheaply, they were pretty common hardware in the nineties. I can say nothing about True64 support for those cards, though.
Thanks, I was hoping I might be able to get away with an SB16 PnP card as I saw a cheap one on eBay. I'm mainly looking for it for NT anyway as I also have a UNIX install on my Personal Workstation but it would be nice to have the option of DECTalk on my 164SX again. I had some kind of Creative (I think?) PCI soundcard that worked under UNIX but not NT in there before I upgraded to the 4D40T graphics card.
That SB16 PnP thing will work in NT4, no worries!

If you need more assistance, I will provide it as far as I can.