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Re: What IBM Hardware do you have?

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:14 pm
by jan-jaap
I don't have any IBM computers but I do have an IBM DS4300 "Turbo" SAN server with EXP710 expansion tray with ~ 30 disks installed (mostly 300GB/10K FC). Interestingly, the controllers of the SAN server run vxWorks...

I also have the IBM version of the Brocade 5000 SAN switch, a.k.a IBM model 2005-B5K with 32 * 4Gb FC ports.

There's one mod I have to do to the SAN switch: it's airflow is back to front, unlike all my other 19" equipment. Ideally, I should mount it in the back of the rack, but then I can't see what's going on ^H^H^H I love the blinkenlights, and the cables are all to the front of the rack because of the SAN switch that preceded this one. I think it'll be easiest to just mod the SAN switch and invert the airflow direction.

Both the SAN server and switch are fully licensed :D