What digital Hardware do you have?

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What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by Irinikus » Tue May 22, 2018 1:37 pm

I currently only have an AlphaStation 255 300MHz machine at the moment:
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by PA8600 » Tue May 22, 2018 11:19 pm

The closest to DEC hardware I own are 2 itanics, one I ran OpenVMS on: a ZX6000 with a broken FireGL4 GPU (and missing all the skins), and a working RX2620 that works great but blows my ears out. I'm probably going to be getting a DEC 3000 soon.

If HP-UX stuff counts I own a 425t (mentor graphics branded, needs a hdd bracket), C3000, and B2600 (with a failing front fan, it works but is noisier and seems slower)
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by praetor » Wed May 23, 2018 12:22 pm

I have a PDP-8. Okay, not really. I have a Pi running SIMH running a PDP-8, but that's the closest I'll ever get to the real thing in my lifetime. I'm saving my pennies for the PiDP-8 kit. Blinky lights!!!

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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by Krokodil » Wed May 23, 2018 12:41 pm

I have an Alphaserver DS10, 466MHZ, 256MB RAM, 137GB SCSI HD, Compaq Esoniq sound card and Oxygen VX1 2D display adapter. I run OpenVMS 8.4 on it. Although it says Compaq on the outside, the system board and numerous other parts inside say Digital. :)
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by OlaHughson » Wed May 23, 2018 6:02 pm

Not quite DIGITAL, but I own a API CS20. If only it could run OpenVMS...

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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by Krokodil » Fri May 25, 2018 3:11 pm

Since, we're more lenient here about software. It would be nice (if possible) if there was a place on the FTP, for OpenVMS and Digital stuff in general.
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by Raion-Fox » Fri May 25, 2018 5:00 pm

Anything that's not available via the hobbyist program is welcomed once we launch ftp2, we're just limited on disk space on the primary FTP, which is for IRIX-relevant stuff.
I'm the manager

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Silicon Classics
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by Silicon Classics » Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:29 pm

I've got an old DECstation 5000/260, a pretty rare system with the top-end MIPS R4400 processor. Have the keyboard and mouse too, but I've only ever tried to boot it through a serial console. Someday I'll hook it up to a monitor, iron out the kinks, and install Ultrix.

BTW this site has a lot of nice stuff for DECWindows, including some old flight simulators.
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by commodorejohn » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:04 pm

I've actually got a fair bit more DEC hardware than I used to, these days:
  • MicroPDP-11/73 - 4 MB RAM and I think a 40 MB hard disk. Currently running RT-11; this was the first DEC system I got, a lucky find in a recycle center supplemented by a second QBus 11 that they couldn't allow me to purchase whole, but let me scavenge the 11/73 CPU and massive RAM boards out of.
  • VAXStation 4000/60 - 64 MB RAM (I think) and a 9 GB hard disk. Currently running OpenVMS 7.3, though I haven't actually booted it in ages. My introduction to the joys of sync-on-green video and the shameless lies monitor manufacturers will tell.
  • PC164LX Alpha system - 533 MHz, 512 RAM, not currently set up completely. I did have this running Windows 2000 at one point, but the drives I was using kacked themselves and I haven't set it up in anything else yet. Maybe one of these days I should try Tru64 and play around with Lisp...
  • MicroVAX 3100/90 - 128 MB RAM and 4x 411 MB hard disks. Currently running NetBSD 6.1.5, and the machine this post is being typed on. In fact, I just spent most of the afternoon expanding the minimal install I'd set up almost four years ago onto the other three drives. Shockingly responsive under a modern OS; OpenBSD was an absolute dog on it, but I'm assuming that has to do with their heavy security focus. The biggest bottleneck at the moment is actually the 9600 baud console port, which is perfectly usable at the command line but a little balky for ncurses-oriented software like Links...
  • DEC Professional 350 - 512 KB RAM (I think) and some hard disk of unknown capacity. Unfortunately not working at the moment - it powers on, but the POST fails on the video card...
  • DECMate-II - 64 KW RAM, dual RX50s. Technically working, but I need to get a real OS disk written as right now all I have is the WPS-8 disks...
  • DEC Rainbow 100 - nobly gave its power supply as a transplant for the DECMate. No idea if the rest of it works.
P.S. okay, I'm now telnetting into the MicroVAX simply because it's loads faster than going over the serial port directly :/ If only I could get it configured to auto-boot so the serial port wasn't needed, I'd really be in business...
Computers: Amiga 1200, DEC VAXStation 4000/60, DEC MicroPDP-11/73
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Re: What digital Hardware do you have?

Post by bifo » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:34 am

DS10L 617mhz/1.5gb ram/Radeon 7000 64mb PCI/1x 250gb + 1x 120gb IDE drives, former running OpenVMS 8.4 and the latter running an unofficial version of debian alpha from last year. It isn't configured correctly but I haven't gotten around to fixing it.

DEC 3000/400 133mhz/64mb/2x146gb SCSI/2x CDROM SCSI, primarily running netbsd with the second drive holding an OpenVMS 8.4 install. The 146 gb drives are both run through a SCSI3 U320-> 50 pin SCSI1 adapter, the CDROM is the only model I could find online listed as compatible for the system and which I found for purchase.

I also have two nonfunctional vaxstation 3100s in a closet. An M38 and an M30, respectively. The M38 worked quite well for a time.
Silicon Classics wrote:
Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:29 pm
BTW this site has a lot of nice stuff for DECWindows, including some old flight simulators.
Unfortunately, most of the links there are broken since the site hasn't really been updated meaningfully since 2000, with sparing updates up to 2006. Everything that isn't from the server the site is on is long gone.

I'm not sure whether the person who was working on the tru64 binaries for more modern versions of software (I think he got a much more modern (though still ancient) version of mozilla to compile and provided binaries) uploaded those binaries to the nekochan ftp in a side folder or just hosted them outright, but there was a lot of work done to make tru64 a viable OS on old slow alpha machines and it'd be a shame if it all fell into the ether of the internet.
DS10L 617Mhz/1.5GB/Radeon 7000/250GB+120GB HDD
DEC 3000/400 133Mhz/64MB/146GBx2 HDD
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