OpenRedAlert for IRIX
OpenRedAlert for IRIX
I would upload tarballs and binaries.. but there seems to be a max 1MB attachment size.

Open Red Alert v462 compiles on IRIX and runs.  We are able to play (as an alpha quality) Command and Conquer Red Alert natively.  
This is old and unmaintained code... but it works with SDL 1.2 and relatively little dependencies as more modern variations seem to have. 


Patch for IRIX (basically subpar hacks/workarounds.. I just wanted to see it work)
.txt openredalertpatch.txt Size: 6.78 KB  Downloads: 26

I compiled it with GCC3..  I did not try GCC4 or MIPSpro.   

This works with the RA Demo easily found online, as well as with full RedAlert files.  
I believe RedAlert CD's/ISOs were made freeware by EA Games some time ago. 

The first missions of both allied and soviet are impossible to play.  Skip them by pressing F9.  
The game seems to be a bit on the hard side, or maybe its just that I am quite bad at playing it.  
The first in-game video has static sound, but the next video and future videos play fine. 
The game is not so stable and may crash at different moments in the game (not that often).  
Instead of saving .. you can use F9 to skip to the level you left off.

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RE: OpenRedAlert for IRIX
If you have complete tarballs/binaries you can upload them to and then DM me and I'll add them to

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