Floops - the VRML character
Floops - the VRML character
Does anyone remember Floops the VRML character? 

Back in the days there was a series of short animated VRML comic movies with this guy that SGI did release. I would just love to get ahold of those but yet I had no luck finding them in any archives. Is anyone maybe keeping an old copy?

That's how he looked: http://www.digitalspace.com/avatars/book...oplate.jpg

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11-06-2018, 01:22 PM
RE: Floops - the VRML character
I was at Cosmo when we were working on Floops. I don’t have a copy anywhere but Jan Mallis was the producer on that project I’m sure she kept something. Try looking her up on LinkedIn maybe?

Here's the wayback machine's "archive" of floops


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