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Krokodil post_id=1525 time=1531635423 user_id=65 Wrote:I doubt I'd bother going back to Nekochan at this point. If it was to come back, all the usual nonsense would return with it, that being the greybeards and crazy people and jerks and know it alls and I don't miss the no sharing policies either.

That's basically why Pete himself stopped participating, probably (IIRC) 10 years ago. He even got to the point where he was kicking some of the biggest jerks off the site (*cough* emGee *cough*).

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Krokodil post_id=1525 time=1531635423 user_id=6 Wrote:I understand why sharing wasn't allowed over there. But it's time to get with the times and this is the right place to do it.

Yeah. The "no one cares" thing with regard to IRIX software was more or less the universal case when I joined nekochan in way back in 2007...

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