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Your first SGI encounter?
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
Mentioned before on Nekochan, but for me it would have been the mid 90s. I was 12-13 years old, my dad worked for the Virtual Reality centre at a UK university. During school holidays, he took me in one day. Coming from a world of beige PCs and Windows 95, I saw the developers room with half a dozen Indigo2 IMPACTs (plus 21" granite CRTs), then the Onyx 10000 rack that drove the triple projector setup in the VR auditorium. Coming from a world of basic PC graphics, seeing 3D worlds and models rendered across a doubly-curved screen that was maybe 6m x 2m in size was breathtaking.

A couple of years later, they upgraded to an Onyx 2 powering 7 projectors across a full hemisphere screen that wrapped right around where you were sitting - again, very impressive stuff!

This is probably one of the reasons why my favourite SGI is the Indigo2 (first one I saw). Although I got my 3 Indys and 2 O2s from this same university some years later, they were ex-machines from the student labs. I always wanted the Indigo2 because in my mind, they were the machines of the pros, whereas the Indys and O2s were just the "teaching machines" Smile
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05-28-2018, 07:47 PM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
The Indy at the university in Brno (already retired at that time) - I think in 1999 or 2000.
In 2001 I briefly used Indy (R5k) at the university in Ostrava (for running of ANSYS).
I am probably posting from moose, SGI O2 with R10k/250, 1GB RAM,  and running IRIX 6.5.27

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05-28-2018, 08:17 PM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
I first saw an SGI in person while in high school. My science lab had an Indigo and Indigo2 that were used to run various different pieces of equipment. No one in the lab actually knew how to use them though, which leads me to believe that whomever had purchased them had likely since left the school.

I had no clue how advanced they were or even that they were UNIX based when I first saw them but I knew I wanted one. And so here I am!

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06-01-2018, 06:05 AM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
My friend thebulbguy (who was a regular on Nekochan at one point) I worked with at InMotion Hosting in 2013 showed me his fuel.
I'm the manager
Besides, I run these sites:

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06-01-2018, 06:32 AM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
My first SGI encounter was probably the Indigos running CAD software in the engineering lab in ~ 1991, but the first time I actually had one on my desk was an Indy in my first job in ~1997. I quickly grew fond of the little blue pizza box and when I had the opportunity to get one I did. And then some more. Ah, well.
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06-01-2018, 09:23 PM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
jan-jaap, it's great to see that you've joined as your contributions are invaluable!
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06-01-2018, 09:43 PM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
14 years old in 1998, forum admin at, and the guy who ran the site was an alt-computing nut, and had services for the site spread out across a sun server, dec alpha, bebox, and a Silicon Graphics Indigo. I was also getting into Blender at the time, and 3D hadn't fully landed for the PC yet, so he advised me that SGIs were where it's at. I lusted after them after that, finally getting an Indigo 2 in a trivia contest three years later as my first in-person sighting. When touring colleges in 2002, UMBC had a visualization lab with a deskside Onyx, full rack Onyx (with VR setup), and a computer lab loaded with O2s. That was I needed to see on the tour.
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06-16-2018, 11:21 PM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
I don't believe I ever encountered an SGI in person before getting my first O2 several years ago; my introduction to computers was at the community college where my dad worked, where most of the people in his department had compact Macs on their desk (if they had computers at all!) and the common areas, IIRC, had amber-screen terminals connected to some system nobody was going to let me on because I was a mere six or seven at the time. The first time I recall being aware of SGI specifically was when CGI first began to receive serious press coverage, I think in the build-up to Jurassic Park - I remember seeing pictures of Indigo2 and Crimson systems in the computing magazines at the time, and being surprised at how different the things looked from the Mac II line that was my frame of reference for "computers" at the time. Wasn't until decades later that I actually ended up getting one...
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06-17-2018, 08:10 AM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
1995, in a little web agency in Marseille/France. They worked with 2 Indy.
The first one was the web server.
The second one was used for graphic design (Photoshop and LightWave).
I instantly falling in love with this tiny blue box and this brand.
I've wait patiently 22 years to obtain a part of this computing legend.
I own a wonderful Octane 1.5 (but full Octane 2 inside) with brand new SGI black keyboard and a brand new A5 Wacom Intuos 1 (100% fonctional).
I hope I could buy other SGI stuffs in the futur.
Nevermind if SGI is dead ... In SGI I trust (^_^!)

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06-20-2018, 07:35 AM
Re: Your first SGI encounter?
thunderbird32 post_id=266 time=1527020763 user_id=93 Wrote:First time I ever saw an SGI was at a Fermi Lab open house back in 1997 (when they had their huge one).

My first SGI hands-on was at a Rutherford-Appleton Lab (physical science facility in the UK) open day in the late 1990s (96 to 98 -- can't remember). They had an O2 set up with stereo glasses for some demo at the neutron diffraction facility, and an Indigo 2 in an IT research department next to an Indy that was locked in the Fireworks screensaver. I saw a lot of other Auld RISC on that day too: Sun SPARC pizza boxes propping up extraordinarily large CRTs, DEC Alpha stuff running a mixture of OpenVMS and Tru64...

I'm a former physicist of a certain generation that 'came of age' in the field in the early 2000s, so remember (and get fluffy and nostalgic about) using Auld RISC in anger towards the end of the Golden Age of the Workstation, that turning point when x86 started to get good enough for hardcore STEM applications.
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06-24-2018, 04:30 PM

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