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How do I activate front panel display of Origin2000?
How do I activate front panel display of Origin2000?
How do I make the front panel display of an Origin2000/Onyx2 rack show cpu meters?

I have managed to do this at some point before with the help of Nekochan, but I have forgotten how I did this.
Since I have had it running Before, I know the hardware works.

I have done the following steps which I think worked before, but maybe there are some more commands to use.

chkconfig mmscd on

Reboot. During boot I can see the mmscd start, but it might shutdown itself (according to 'man mmscd') if there is a problem that I'm not aware of.

/usr/etc/mmsc -m

Select 'Show - Graph' on the front panel, and I get a blank screen. Is there a limit to how many cpus can be shown? I have had 32 cpus on it before,
now I'm past that Smile

Maybe a fresh install of IRIX can help?

Also, I have two different mmsc's. One is version 1.3 and one is version 2.2 (have tested both). Is there any practical difference?
Dare I use 'flashmmsc'?
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