Origin 2000/2400 Racks
RE: Origin 2000/2400 Racks
(09-28-2018, 08:37 PM)ha0124 Wrote:  I can get into fx from the console using the boot command as described in the install instructions and partition both 0,1,0 and 1,1,0 without a problem.

It's when I go back and start up using option 2 Install System Software that it then errors out as can't find the root partition.

I have three enviroment vars set that seem to be of

SystemPartition dksk(0,1,0)

OSLoadPartition dksk(1,1,0)

Root dksk(0,1,0)

When it starts up it copies the cd data over to 1,1,0 and then tries to mount the same drive as /root.

I have tried many variations of the above on different drives.

When i go into the shell and look in dev/dsk i can only ever see the controller it has copied the cd over too not the other one
The load partitions if I am correct go (SCSI Controller, DISK, Partition), so the OSLoadPartition appears to be loading from drive one on SCSI controller one..

either way, they don't match up.

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09-29-2018, 04:38 PM
RE: Origin 2000/2400 Racks

In the end I just did a rest to default and it started up.

I managed to get to the point of needing to satisfy a lot of dependancies, but had to power off for the night.

Will have a final push at getting it all up and going next weekend.

Whilst I'm on thr subject of this machine, can anybody recomend and particular program/task that we could use to stress test the machine accross all the 36 CPUs and 64Gbytes RAM.

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09-29-2018, 05:19 PM

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