What SGI Hardware do you have?
RE: What SGI Hardware do you have?
(12-27-2018, 11:27 AM)maxskeg Wrote:  Two Octane 2 units
1. dual 400MHz V10 4608 MB RAM
2. single 60 MHz V6 7GB RAM

Indgo2 + Max Impact, 512 MB RAM

Origin 2K deskside - 8 x 400 MHz 8GB RAM - MX graphics mod
Origin 2k rack - 16 x 400MHz 16 RB RAM - graphic mod

I have had many other SGI systems in the past including a O3800 5 rack system in the past - utterly impractical ;-)

whats the MX graphics mod?

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12-28-2018, 06:12 AM
RE: What SGI Hardware do you have?
(12-28-2018, 06:12 AM)gijoe77 Wrote:  Whats the MX graphics mod?
Adding an Octane MGRAS graphics board (along some provision to attach a keyboard/mouse) to an O2k Deskside.

Usually involved swapping the latching mechanism from a lesser value O2k XIO board onto an SI or SE Octane graphics board. Usually onto an SI or SE half-height graphics board, though a full-height SSI/E or MXI/E was possible if you were willing to perform surgery on the O2k card cage. Then add PS/2 kb&m ports via an IO6G or a CAD-Duo PCI board in an XIO shoehorn.

Because it was a supported factory config, after the hardware was added the PROM machine type would change to "Onyx2 SI/MXI", which made an IRIX install with all the necessary graphics bits pretty straightforward.

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12-29-2018, 12:49 AM
RE: What SGI Hardware do you have?
Well although my collection of Jurassic boxes fluctuates a bit from time to time, generally it's been the same for years.

★ Iris Indigo Elan R4400mhz w/384mb of RAM, my first and oldest SGI. I got it when my old school lab was getting rid of them, it was the first machine I ever worked on back in the very early 90s, running Softimage at the school's (then) new computer animation lab.

★ O2 R12000 400mhz w/256mb of RAM. I kind of put this one together around 5 years ago by buying bits and pieces off eBay a la Frankenstein. It came with a boxed set of IRIX 6.5.5 so that's what it's still running.

★ TEZRO R16000 (4x700mhz) w/8gb of RAM and Vpro V12 graphics. This is my most recent acquisition, got it about 4 months ago and had a good learning process figuring out how to successfully install 6.5.30 on it, as it came with no drives whatsoever. However I recently received a new 6.5.30 drive from Ian Mapleson and it is chock full of goodies, so I've been having a blast the last week trying all the wonderful stuff I couldn't get installed on my own. (thanks Ian! )

I also have a SUN Sparcstation Voyager and an Apple Macintosh Color Classic with the Mystic update that I recently swapped out the CRT on, works like new now!👍

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