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What SGI Hardware do you have?
Re: What SGI Hardware do you have?
O2 - r12k 300mhz - 384mb ram
O2 - r12k 400mhz - 256 mb ram
Octane - Dual r12k 400mhz - 640mb ram, eMXI +dual vram, Octane Personal Video Option.
Origin 200 - Dual 225mhz - ram unknown
Octane 2x400O2 300O2 400Origin 200 2x250
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06-14-2018, 01:21 PM
Re: What SGI Hardware do you have?
An Indy R4400/200/24-bit - my first SGI, purchased in 1999, back when $600 for an Indy with a 20" monitor and a granite KB/M was a smokin' deal. (-;

An Octane2/2x400/4GB/V12-DCD/Shoebox/DM-2 w/BoB/XIO FC board//an ex-Discreet set-up.

A Tezro, 4x800/V12-DCD/DM-3 w/BoB. Another ex-Discreet system.
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06-15-2018, 01:01 AM
Re: What SGI Hardware do you have?
As of right now...

3 Octanes (green, bug logo):

Octane Octane #1
Silver-handle IP30 w/2x300MHz R12000
PCI Shoebox w/Gig-E card
MXI graphics
DDS4 tape (for data) + DDS2 tape (for playing DAT audio)
146GB 15krpm Seagate Cheetah
Cherokee PSU

Octane Octane #2
Black-handle IP30 w/2x195MHz R10000
SE Graphics w/Personal Video option board
74GB 10krpm Seagate Cheetah
Lucent PSU

Octane Octane #3
Black-handle IP30 w/2x195MHz R10000
dead SE graphics Sad
74GB 10krpm Seagate Cheetah
Lucent PSU

I have an SSE card on the way, I just need another 37mhz TRAM to pop onto that to make it an MXE. Plan to put that into #1 Octane once I locate the TRAM.

Indigo2 Indigo 2
Green enclosure
IP22 mainboard
PM5 CPU - 250MHz R4400, 2MB cache
GU1-Extreme graphics
Phobos G160 GIO Fast Ethernet
36GB 10krpm Seagate Savvio HD

Indy Indy
133MHz R4600SC
XL24 Graphics
Sony PSU
36GB 10krpm Seagate Savvio HD

I only have one set of peripherals for these unfortunately: a Granite kb (alps), granite mouse and granite powered speakers (uses the power output on the Octane board). I do have a beige pre-PS2 keyboard/mouse in case I run across an Indigo or earlier machine some day.

I also have an assortment of spare parts, mostly for Indigo2: mainboards, graphics cards, etc.
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07-11-2018, 03:35 PM
Re: What SGI Hardware do you have?
Two Indys. My main one is an R5000SC/180, 256mb RAM, XL24 graphics, IRIX 6.5.22 on an SD card and the Sony PSU. A second one I keep around as a spare chassis is an R4400SC/200, 64mb RAM, 8 bit graphics. Don't really have the room for anything beyond this at the moment.
Indy R5000SC/180, 256MB RAM, IRIX 6.5.22

Indy (spare) R4400SC/200, 64MB RAM

I run the collection of sites (text files, old software, computing wiki, etc)
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08-20-2018, 11:02 PM

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