modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
Any recommendations for a sync on green monitor would be great. I currently use a NEC multisync but want a new monitor that is led back light not fluorescent tube . Will be used with Onyx,Octane thru 13w3 to vga and if it works vga to dvi if possible. Indigo Octane O2 Indigo2 IMPACT Indigo2 Onyx Indy

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09-04-2018, 08:41 AM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
So you want a 5:4 (1280x1024) screen with SOG support and LED backlight?

There's the NEC EA193mi and the Dell 1914S. Both introduced in 2013 so availability will become a problem I guess. Specs say they both support SOG, but I've not tried either of them (have several NEC screens and like them).

I have had poor results with VGA to DVI converters. They seem to lack the fine tuning controls to eliminate irregularities due to the sync being slightly off. You know, that 'auto' button on a monitor you always have to press after you move it from one system to another when using VGA.
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09-04-2018, 01:23 PM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
I use viewsonics but I have found a lot of monitors that work with my octane.

As long as you are using one of Michael's cables!

here is what he says on the cable

Hey!! Thanks for being here Smile

Up for sale, my HandWired SGI 13w3 to VGA Adapter Cables.

· What is special about these cables is that they also route Horizontal & Vertical Sync Signals through the equivalent VGA pins,
thus making sure you get Video out of them on a monitor that does not support Sync-On-Green (like most modern flat monitors & TVs that require
Composite or Separate Sync Signals).

· They also take care of the DDC Communication between the Graphics Board of your machine & your modern VGA-Capable Display.
That way, the Computer knows whether it is about a Color or Monochrome Monitor, a low or high Resolution panel, etc..

· The Cables are quite durable, and Signal Integrity is guaranteed, as the wires -especially the ones that carry the Analog Signals- are Thick! (See Pictures).
The Coaxial Contacts are of 75 Ohm Impedance, with two layers of Gold Plating and can easily carry the maximum of 2560x2048, 40-bit RGB, 90Hz resolution that Infinite Reality has to offer.
Very Crisp Image Output. (Assuming you use a high quality VGA Cable, as well).

I am now able to successfully connect my SGIs with all my Flat WideScreen monitors, my KVMs, and a WideScreen TV I got.
In the past, I was using a cheap, Generic 13w3 to VGA Adapter (can be found on ebay) and would get no video to any of this equipment out of my Computers.
The only monitor that worked, was a 4:3 one I had, that did support Sync-On-Green.
The KVM could not see that a Computer was connected to it (because they usually check the Sync Signals) and the TV would not come up.

Well, Problem Solved!

Tested, and working out-of-the box with Indy, Octane & Onyx2 InfiniteReality.
Will work with basically any Indy or newer Silicon Graphics computer.
Please do not use them with Onyx Reality Engine Systems (or anything earlier than the Indy), or Sun Computers, as they do require different wiring.
However, a friend reported that these work fine with the Indigo1 system, as well.

Detailed Specs:

· Double Gold-Plated, 75 Ohm Impedance Coaxial Contacts

· Gold-Plated Pins on the 13w3 & the VGA Connector

· Quality, Metal Thumbscrews on the 13w3 Connector

· True Female VGA – on-board Hex Lock Bolts on the VGA Connector

· Thick Wires (Especially the Analog RGB Carriers)

· Zero Signal Distortion/Interference (used Heat Shrink and well Insulated Cables)

· Length: About 18cm (7inches)

· Unique, HandMade Look (if you ‘re into that thing Tongue)


· Random color combination will be shipped, unless you include a note with your preference at the time of purchase.

· In case the video on your monitor appears off-center use your display’s auto-adjust function or adjust the position of the image via the display’s menu.

· In some cases, you might need to run a terminal and type these commands:
cd /usr/gfx
./setmon -sn 60Hz
That way, you force the computer to output Separate Sync Signal Data from the Equivalent pins.
However, by default Irix is configured to do so.

· There is a thin chance that you may be able to see Video, but with a Green-ish tint.
This means that your monitor is completely Sync-On-Green intolerant, and it just combines the Analog Green Signal with the Digital Sync Signal,
thus Boosting the Green Channel.
I have not experienced this so far, but it is a possibility in theory at least.
Oh well, in this case just try another WideScreen Monitor. It works with almost all WideScreen Monitors & TVs, after all!

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10-04-2018, 03:11 AM
Photo  RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
Hello there,
Looking for a better monitor for my Tezro I found this  U2412m Dell monitor witch is SOG. 
They look quite well connected to Indigo2 and Indy.

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10-14-2018, 07:13 PM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
I can add the Benq BL702a to the list of SoG compatible monitors. I use it without problem on my Indigo2. (It's also 15Khz capable and can be used with a lot of other retro-systems).

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10-14-2018, 08:05 PM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
Not exactly modern, but I've always been a fan of the old SGI F180, have a couple of them and they work with everything from original Indigo to Octane

[Image: sgi_F180_250.jpg]

[Image: mnTvJeq.png]
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10-14-2018, 11:07 PM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
My BenQ GW2450 works great with the O2, despite black bars on the left/right since it's a 16:9 monitor Wink

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10-15-2018, 07:04 PM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
I have used the following on all my SGIs Octane, O2 and Indy.

BenQ Zowie 27"
Dell 2007 - 20" 4:3
Sony sdm-x82
Sony sdm HS94p

No sync issues with any of the above.

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10-16-2018, 08:22 PM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
Eizo S1933 also works just fine. Tested with my Octane.

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11-16-2018, 09:38 AM
RE: modern sync on green monitors that can be reccomended
I use and recommend the Viewsonic VX2433WM 24" LCD and the VX2757-MHD 27" LCD screens. Both support SOG!

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11-23-2018, 01:40 AM

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