network irix install server?
#1 network irix install server?
Hi all,

What about setting up an Irix 6.5.22 and 6.5.30 install server on ?
Basically everything you need to boot and do a complete network installation of irix on your SGI system over your network interface,
no downloading of CD-ROM images, burning, finding an old SCSI CD-ROM drive and cables if necessary,
and also no need of a 2nd SGI machine or linux box to host the boot/install environment...

Besides the server, we could make some simple to follow procedures in a how-to document,
so a newbie who finds an old SGI machine with no OS can easily install irix through the network install server
by following the tasks in the online wiki how-to document.
Per machine-type specific tasks can be added so users with an Octane for example can add the optional Octane demos etc...

This would be a such a handy tool to have Wink

What do you think?
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RE: network irix install server?
It won't happen. IRIX PROMs do not allow DNS or external routing.


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RE: network irix install server?
(09-04-2018, 04:31 PM)Raion Wrote:  It won't happen. IRIX PROMs do not allow DNS or external routing.

Damn, for some reason I thought they did...

Still, it would be cool if we could build a simpler solution for people with no CD-ROM drives etc...
A simple, single file you download and run on a linux machine or something that turns it into an irix install server with no configuration or similar...
I'll have to think about it,

Too bad!,

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09-05-2018, 10:20 AM
RE: network irix install server?
An additional problem is that an IRIX install server needs to provide TFTP and BOOTP services and remote shell access with root rights. Good luck with running such a server on the WWW. Smile

For IRIX installation solutions we already have DINA , irixboot and irix-install

There's no way around having a physical (or virtual) server inside your network if you want to install IRIX systems via the net.
Having said that, you can get away with as small as a Raspberry Pi for an install server:does 100 Mbit/s, has SD card with plenty of space and is dirt cheap.
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