Fun in the SUN
Fun in the SUN
As far as these machines are concerned, I think that I've personally made a mistake in thinking that they're comparable to SGI's in any way. (The name SUN, standing for "Stanford University Network group" says it all I suppose.)

Seeing that I have a couple of these machines now and still desire a V250, as it seems to be a really cool little system, can members please share how they play around with these machines in a meaningful way and gain from having them, as this is definitely an opportunity to learn something new?

Please share, as this thread could help to inspire others to become interested in the SUN experience.

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Re: Fun in the SUN
For me, Sun machines are mostly a good opportunity to play around with a straightforward classic RISC Unix environment "as it was." SGIs and NeXT boxen are good examples of developers using *nix as a base to design solid, relatively user-friendly desktop systems; SunOS and Solaris are more of a vanilla, business-before-pleasure approach, but still a little more tidy and professional than anything in Linux-land.

That said, getting a useful complement of software on them is definitely a challenge; there's more pre-built Solaris software out there on the interwebs than there are usable SunOS binaries sticking around, but both are pretty dang sparse and I really need to try building some things on them.

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