What do you use your SGI machines for?
What do you use your SGI machines for?
I've always had an interest in 3D design from a layman's perspective and software such as Maya, etc... is rather fulfilling to play around with as a hobby. I've also always had a love for computers, especially those that aren't quite mainstream.

As such, I use my SGI to play around with Maya and the like, and let me tell you that Maya 6.5 is very usable on a Tezro, I don't find myself getting irritated due to lag at all.

My lesser SGI systems (all of them but the Tezro) are just there for collection purposes, as collecting and restoring things is also one of my favourite past-times. Smile

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07-01-2018, 02:45 PM
Re: What do you use your SGI machines for?
I bought ( and built up) my Octane for Maya, Lightwave and Shake, but I really like tinkering with the O2. I suppose it's more of a challenge on slower hardware, trying to get things optimised so that you can use the lower end hardware. Also, I'm more conscious these days of power consumption etc so find the O2 more appealing in that regard.

I have a spare motherboard for the O2 I'd like to outfit with a 250Mhz R10k 270Mhz R12k CPU, just for the fun of it. Need to find one though...

But yes, I like to just tinker and I have a little project in mind of modelling, texturing and animating a small creature, just 5 secs of animation will do me fine. Smile That really is the end goal for me.

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07-01-2018, 07:17 PM
Re: What do you use your SGI machines for?
As of now? Just tinkering with uncommon hardware, so far. I've installed my first bit of software on IRIX just yesterday. Plenty of stuff to do now that I have at least one system up and running. Still getting used to IRIX. I want to learn 3D modeling on it, but first I want to have all my SGI machines in a bootable state.

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07-02-2018, 07:31 AM
Re: What do you use your SGI machines for?
Right now my Octane is being used for porting. I'm learning how to port things, which has been great because it's strengthens my C skills. I want to fool around with SoftImage, but I have a monitor with a weird resolution and SI behaves oddly with it :\ Maybe I'll try my hand with Lightwave.

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07-03-2018, 02:31 PM
Re: What do you use your SGI machines for?
I'm maybe a bit more of an oddity in that I never really got into 3D modelling and rendering, despite this being SGI's forte. I was introduced to SGIs due to my dad and his colleague who managed all the systems at a local university, hence my interest is more technical in nature.

My Indigo2 and Fuel are used for general fun and playing around with IRIX, music playing and vinyl ripping, porting of some programs (OpenTTD, rdesktop, xmms plugins), playing of a few older/retro games, programming/scripting in Perl, and the fun that can be had with using a 22 year old computer (my Indigo2) for some of today's tasks. They're a fun hobby, plain and simple, and a nice change from Windows and modern Linux. I use my Indigo2 for most things, and the Fuel when I need a bit more horsepower (compiling OpenTTD being a good example) or 3D capability, or for some porting that ideally needs a newer IRIX than 6.5.22.

My O2 is more of a "scratch system" for playing around with IRIX when I don't want to break my main systems, for example I recently got Dina up and running and tried a network install of IRIX and some other apps via Dina using my O2 as the test-bed for this. They don't get used super-regularly, maybe once every week or two. Although recently due to the lovely summer weather, it's maybe been nearer a month since I powered one up. They're more for the colder/wetter days when outside jobs/hobbies don't suit.

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07-14-2018, 04:23 PM

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