Name projects you care about
Name projects you care about
Besides us of course <3.

I personally care about the four main BSDs, illumos/OpenIndiana, and Devuan in the OS arena.

In terms of other projects, I really am passionate about include Lumina desktop environment, the OpenVMS hobbyist scene and the AROS project.


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06-14-2018, 10:27 PM
Re: Name projects you care about
Devuan and any other *nixen free from the systemd taint are definitely crucial in these dark times.

There's a part of me that still holds out faint hopes that some day Haiku might finally get back on track, but the fallout from the walled-garden repository zealots taking over was nasty (nasty as in "the maintainer of the primary Haiku/BeOS software archive on the Internet up and nuked his site in protest,") and it's been just this side of dead ever since, so that's probably a bit pie-in-the-sky.

ReactOS is another project I'd really love to see come to fruition, but don't have any realistic hopes for.

What I <I>really</I> wish was that there was a decent open laptop project I could get invested in; I'd kill for something with well-supported modern guts in a chassis designed for usability rather than <I>chic</I> thinness and a decent aspect ratio.

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06-14-2018, 11:00 PM
Re: Name projects you care about
I was a big proponent of the X Window System until they f-ing deprecated both Xlib and Xt... Sad

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06-16-2018, 06:20 AM

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