Catia 4 and Friends
Catia 4 and Friends
So I don’t know from where it came, but I dusted off my MacBook and there were Catia images, so I installed them.   

But now... I think I need someone who’s been here before to help me with a few questions I’ve got.

Please message me if you have any experience with such things.

Version 4, Rel 2.3

Thanks !!

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06-13-2019, 01:24 AM
RE: Catia 4 and Friends
I've got the final Catia release for IRIX but don't have a working license. If anyone knows of a way to get one please respond! You can download it from my webserver, two iso's and a readme file, link: - Some other IRIX goodies in there as well, feel free to grab them, licenses are in the hax-force.txt file. Enjoy!

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06-14-2019, 03:57 AM
RE: Catia 4 and Friends
what's the questions? Are you able to actually unload the software?
I had to edit a few scripts to get it to unload correctly.
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06-14-2019, 05:05 AM

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