IRIX Desktop for Linux
IRIX Desktop for Linux
A new version of the MaXX Interactive Desktop has been released. Latest version (2.0.1 "Indigo") has been uploaded. From what I've seen it's mostly minor bug fixes and backend preparations for an upcoming release. No new applications seem to be included. In my opinion it's a neat desktop environment for Linux, and other SGI fans may enjoy it. However, there are some limitations I think you all should be aware of. 

- It runs on x86-64 Linux only. There are no licensing restrictions on the distro, only on the ISA and kernel. It runs on Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/CentOS.
- The entirety of the desktop appears to be closed source with only binaries available. Some components are GPL'd, so I'm not sure how that factors in. 
- Development is EXTREMELY slow, since it's a one man project. The dev posts on Facebook, Reddit, and maybe Twitter. The main site is down.

Downloads for the Indy and Indigo releases:

Facebook page where updates are posted:

And I think he's also on r/unixporn or something but I don't use Reddit.

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