Octane: PCI Bridge Error
RE: Octane: PCI Bridge Error
(03-14-2019, 01:30 AM)gijoe77 Wrote:  oh hey now what's this?  I upgraded the Tezro with the quad 1ghz nodeboard so I might have to look into this.  I have 6.5.30 installed - was this something that came with the OS like how the o2 PROM gets flashed with newer IRIX releases?

It seems Irinikus had VRM errors from his L1 when upgrading his Tezro (guess the 1GHz has different voltages too). Here's the thread http://forums.irix.cc/thread-75.html
So I don't think this is the problem. Does "l1cmd env" see the three extra fans?

The main PROM is automatically updated with IRIX and should be at 6.210 at IRIX 6.5.30 (6.211 if you installed relevant post 6.5.30 patches) but the L1 isn't.

Upgrading the L1 can be tricky. Toby Jennings wrote up a thread about it on Nekochan which turned into a Wiki article which seems to have been mirrored here: https://wiki.preterhuman.net/L1_Controller_Updates  Basically there's a dependency between the flashsc utility and the L1 firmware versions it can flash safely. You also cannot upgrade from very old L1s to the last in one step. Do it wrong and it may flash the wrong firmware into your L1. This is mostly relevant to earlier generations like the Fuel and O300, but beware!
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