1000$USD Bounty to fix GemRB for IRIX
RE: 1000$USD Bounty to fix GemRB for IRIX
Strange.. I have consistent crashes..
In BG1, the very beginning.  Dont walk into Winthrop's Inn.  Go north for a few seconds.  There are 2 stationary people on that path.  First one just talks tutorial stuff.  The next one is Phyldia.. it crashes all the time there.  It will only take you seconds to get to this crash (maybe more if your using the mouse to scroll the map Smile
[ResourceManager]: Searching for 'genfg12'...

[ResourceManager]: Found 'genfg12.wav' in 'chitin.key'.

[OpenAL/ERROR]: Cannot get AL source type.: 0xa002 - Illegal parameter

[OpenAL/ERROR]: Cannot queue a buffer to a static source.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'phlydi.dlg' in 'chitin.key'.

[ResourceManager]: Found 'reaction.ids' in 'chitin.key'.
Bus error (core dumped)

(NOTE, the OpenAL/ERROR i dunno what that is for. but I can disable audio entirely in GemRB and it goes away.. but still have that core dump.)

Can you see if you can create a new character and just go north for a few seconds to click on that person and see if it crashes or not? 

Also, regarding your comment "speed at which the map scrolls by means of moving the cursor to the viewport boundaries" .. I never noticed since I use the keyboard to move the screen and the mouse to move the character within it.  To me it is not an issue at all since the keyboard moves it quite fast.  The game does seem to play at a very good speed this way.  


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RE: 1000$USD Bounty to fix GemRB for IRIX
I'll check all of that out ASAP. I had to dip out for a few days to do some backups of my systems. I've never done proper full system images of any of my SGIs for over 15 years... It's time.

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