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Octane PROM upgrade - Infiltratr - 10-11-2018

I'm not sure on how to upgrade the PROM on my Octanes

I have found the following to upgrade the O2 so I think it will be similar

/sbin/flashinst -T -y /usr/cpu/firmware/ip32prom.image

however, when I look in that directory I find /usr/cpu/firmware/ip30prom.bin

Should I run
/sbin/flashinst -T -y /usr/cpu/firmware/ip30prom.bin 

from my 6.5.30 installed system or do I need to locate an ip30prom.image somewhere on my 6.5.30 cd's?

RE: Octane PROM upgrade - jan-jaap - 10-12-2018

First of all, normally the PROM is upgraded autmatically during the IRIX installation.

If you want to do this manually (example: you replace the mainboard for one with older firmware and you don't want to reinstall), the program you're looking for is 'flash' and it has a manpage which describes how to use it.

RE: Octane PROM upgrade - Irinikus - 10-12-2018

Make use of the following command line: "flash -a usr/cpu/firmware/ip35prom.img" (It worked on my Tezro.)