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Maintenance vs Feature - JacquesT - 10-08-2018

Is there any point doing a maintenance release install of 6.5.30? Or should one just go for 'feature'? Never quite figured out the difference anyhow...!

RE: Maintenance vs Feature - jan-jaap - 10-08-2018

New IRIX functionality (other than hardware support) was usually introduced on the feature branch, then slowly trickled down to maintenance. Also, I'm pretty sure you needed an active maintenance contract to have access to the feature branch releases.

You can also turn this around and say that maint was the more stable branch.

Post 6.5.22 there's no difference at all. By then, no new functionality was being added anyway. If you look through the relnotes you can't help but notice that the most significant changes to IRIX overlays were simply changes to XFS and XVM ported back from Altix/Linux.

RE: Maintenance vs Feature - JacquesT - 10-08-2018

Thanks, I'll toss a coin then when it comes down to picking 'f' or 'm' Smile I'll probably just run maint as that's what's on the Octane.

RE: Maintenance vs Feature - uunix - 10-08-2018

I always feel 'feature' feels like you have paid for the software you haven't paid for and you're going to get a freebie through the post.