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Posted by: tenox
07-31-2018, 07:14 AM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
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Is there an easy way that I can mount IRIX CDROM on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows or Mac so that I can export it over NFS to my Irix machine?

I know that Linux does have support for SGI Label and XFS but looks like the first one is not enabled on stock kernels mostly. Any easy options?

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Posted by: bishopcop
07-30-2018, 09:37 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (9)

Has anyone got any information about this piece of history? I found an article on Wiki: but no other information, or maybe a demo to try out.


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Posted by: GRudolf94
07-30-2018, 06:20 AM
Forum: IRIX/Software
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Since uploading here is a no-no, and other less-obvious, shady means are not as easily accessible or reliable, someone *ahem, another coughing fit* has uploaded you-know-what version 6.5.30 to Just search for whatever it is you'd search. Enjoy while it lasts, it might get taken down. Or not.

edit: available both as a torrent, and as a direct download, with all images conveniently in a single zip file

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Posted by: LarBob
07-28-2018, 11:04 PM
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
- Replies (10)

So I received an O2 that was working before shipping. However, upon arrival, it no longer works. Red light on the front. Only thing that happens is that the PSU fan spins up. Nothing over serial.

I have tried reseating the CPU board multiple times (also, the plastic is now broken underneath the system board so the screws for the CPU board no longer thread), tried different RAM configurations, and tried the POWER_UP jumper trick, all to no avail.

Any other ideas?

Thanks Smile

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Posted by: blacksmith
07-28-2018, 05:02 PM
Forum: Site Discussion
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Does anybody have a copy of the “Fuel aggregator” page from Nekochan?


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Posted by: Intuition
07-27-2018, 05:36 AM
Forum: Art/CG/Rendering
- Replies (3)

Irix Softimage|3D 3.9 Basic tutorial 2

Will place hotkeys and video topics cover list here later.

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Posted by: Intuition
07-27-2018, 05:34 AM
Forum: Art/CG/Rendering
- Replies (1)

Irix Softimage|3D 3.9.x Basic Tutorial

I will edit this section with the hotkeys and topics later.
Just leaving it here for now.

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Posted by: DevilMaster
07-25-2018, 10:16 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
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A long time ago, in 1993 to be precise, an Italian computer company named Infobyte became quite famous for developing one of the first Italian-made "VR environments".
It was actually a demo that was meant to run on an Onyx w/Reality Engine 2 and could be seen in stereoscopy with a pair of shutterglasses. In this demo, the user could walk around a recreation of Superior Basilica of Assisi, but the real gimmick of it was the ability to jump into various paintings which depicted various vistas of a city (I think this is where Nintendo got the inspiration for Super Mario 64). The POV would then be transferred to a virtual mediaeval city surrounded by a desert, where demons were flying around in the sky and you could walk around the various buildings that were seen in the paintings, as well as enter those buildings and use some portals to return to the Basilica.

So far, what I found of it is:
1) a thumbnail screenshot in Ian Mapleson's web site [img][/img]
2) More screenshots from an archived copy of an Italian computer magazine
3) the mention, in that magazine, that SGI wanted a copy of the demo, to host it in their Demo Center in Mountain View
4) the mention of that demo, in this very site, as being displayed in SGI's Reality Land booth at SIGGRAPH '94

But is the actual demo available anywhere? I am a volunteer at a computer museum in Italy, which owns an Onyx, and I would really like to save this piece of Italian computer history from oblivion and exhibit it.

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Posted by: MotifGuy
07-25-2018, 12:46 AM
Forum: SGI Discussion
- Replies (12)

Hello everyone,

I'm dropping by to talk about an idea for a modernized version of the IRIX user interface for other (newer) platforms. I really enjoy the look and feel of IRIX. The rounded Motif widgets are a lot easier on the eyes than other implementations like the widgets in CDE. I've decided to work on some themes for XFCE on Linux/BSD that copy this interface and even improve upon it.

There are two reasons why I'm working on this. Firstly I'm doing it because there aren't really and complete and good looking themes of this kind out there for use with Linux or BSD. The are some X cursor themes, some xfwm4 themes, etc but nothing that's an all-in-one package that's easy to use. The second reason, and it's sad to say, but SGI hardware is slowly dying, and so is the software development scene. My O2's motherboard broke a couple years ago and I haven't repaired it or bought a new one because I can't justify the expense for what I see as a dead platform. This makes me sad, so sad that I'd like to build a replacement that's just as good so I never have to deal with this again. If I make an open source desktop that runs on common Unix-like systems, it can be forked and updated forever.

With XFCE I have the functionality of a modern desktop environment and I can make it look like whatever I want. XFCE has been ported to OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Devuan, my three main operating systems. It runs well on mediocre hardware like my 1GHz Intel laptop, and can run all of the apps and tools in less than 500MB RAM.

Here are screenshots of what I have so far. It's the "Vancouver" theme based on screenshots of IRIX. Today or tomorrow I'm going to work on making a Toolchest replacement out of the xfce4-panel application. I'm going to attempt to use custom images for buttons and have custom menu files to match.


Let me know if there's any interest in something like this.

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Posted by: blacksmith
07-25-2018, 12:40 AM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
- Replies (4)

Hello there,
Is there any way to monitor/check the temperature inside an O2?


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