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Posted by: PacMaN_2k1
02-11-2019, 07:55 PM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
- Replies (8)

let's see where you found a good spot for your SGI/SGIs
do you keep them in the cold (garage) or are they part of your daily life? 
this could be interesting Wink

btw... it's not always as tidy as on the photo shown Big Grin

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Posted by: JacquesT
02-11-2019, 08:04 AM
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
- Replies (5)

Last night my O2 refused to boot. XFS corruption seems to be the issue. 

I wanted to move my install to .30 in any case so decided to do a fresh install on said drive. fx managed to pick up the drive, new root partition made and label synched etc. No problems here...However, when doing the software install I keep getting XFS corruption when trying to load the miniroot. The same ionide error message keeps coming up. 

Do I need to zero the drive (a 12 hour job) or is there any other way to get it going? 

Or is my drive bad? It worked fine in the morning before.

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Posted by: kubatyszko
02-11-2019, 04:46 AM
Forum: Other UNIX
- Replies (3)

Hi there,

I recall there was at least one person on nekochan who owned the 16 or 64 core (not 100% sure) risc computer.
All I remember is that it was an "ordinary" looking tower, with likely many physical CPU's onboard in addition to the main CPU.

Any ideas what was that machine called ?


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Posted by: Gerry_MAN
02-11-2019, 02:58 AM
Forum: Nintendo 64 Development
- Replies (6)

Hi Folks,

I'm here to get some help to install the necessary N64 OS/SDK software for the SGI INDY, in order to use the "ULTRA64 Development GIO option board".
As shown in the images below:

[Image: Ultra64_Repair_001.JPG]

 [Image: Ultra64_Repair_002.JPG]

Before I dive in here....just to mention....
I recently received  alot of help from the members here to install the IRIX V6.5 OS on a SCSI2SD adapter for one of my INDY machines.
So if you are having the same type of can check out that post at the link below:

I'm new to to the world of SGI hardware and software. In turn,  I've been stumbling around and just reading everything I can about these Unix based systems. My background is primarily Industrial Robotics, digital electronics, and Embedded systems. I really love the old school Altera MAX CPLD's from the 90's.  The Hobby side of me surrounds all these areas, along with a bit of Nintendo N64 Development in the mix.

I fell into this Hobby after I saw a video by the YouTube user "Metal Jesus Rocks"
At the time he had found an Ultra RARE "64DD Prototype addon unit" for the US N64 console..... at a garage sale!!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Since then, I've been around the N64 Homebrew scene...just messing around writing code and working with various pieces of Dev hardware, and just having fun with it.   Tongue
My YouTube Channel - A Basic Intro to N64 Development

So, the reason I'm here...
I currently have a few SGI Indy machines and am looking for some help installing some of the SGI N64 software.  One of the INDY machines I obtained is from the eBay auctions that "Silicon Classics" had sold, and it has some interesting Motion capture software on it.  Eventually as I learn more about the hardware, I'll be sharing the SCSI Drive backup image with the community. So I'll be learning from all of you here and hopefully you can all help me backup the drive to an ISO image.  However, that will be for another post.  For those of you that are interested, you can check out a DEMO video of the INDY unit I obtained from Silicon Classics here on his YouTube channel.   Link below:

A little over a year ago, I shared a massive collection of N64 related Dev CD's that I acquired and are now being hosted on the you can check them out if you are thinking of  getting into N64 development. We've also been adding manuals, DOS software tools... and pretty much everything and everything we can find related to N64 development.

Ok, Blah, Blah Blah....
Now to actually dive in and Start this install process...
I'm starting with the N64 OS/SDK install CD for the SGI INDY as shown below...
I'll also have to install the N64 Developers Toolkit, but that will be next.

[Image: NINTENDO_N64_DEV_CDS_001.jpg]

I inserted the N64 OS CD into my Indy CD-ROM and I get the following ".tar" file to display on the screen after clicking on the CD-ROM icon which was on the Desktop screen.

[Image: SGI_INDY_N64_OS_Install.jpg]

Now I'm a Windows user and new to everything SGI and Unix, so please bear with me....

I have chatted with a few people already and they have been saying I need to copy the "N64OS2K.tar" file over to the hard drive first...? and then extract it and install it using the Indy installer if it has a "/dist" folder.  If not... I have to check for an install.txt file and check for the install instructions.... or look for an "" script.

I was told that the way to copy the .tar file over from the CD, was to use the Terminal command "cp".
I can't just "Drag N' Drop" in the GUI the way it is done in Windows Explorer correct?

This is the first step I'll be trying out...
I just wanted to make this post and document the overall process from Start to Finish for the archives. In case future users may be tackling the same Process of setting up an SGI Indy N64 Dev system. (Even though it is not that common)

Any tips or suggestions will be very much appreciated as I move through the install process.

Cheers! Everyone,

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Posted by: DavisX
02-10-2019, 10:29 PM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
- Replies (6)

After a long time in power off mode, I've decided to wake up my Fuel.
The good thing is working well, giving in the last week an upgrade. A sound upgrade. Is not the best solution but the sound blaster is good enough.
A good stuff, but I have to fix a couple of things, anyway understand.
First one : the RTC. Is dead. Not surprised after 5 years in my garage. I guess I need to get a new 1742W-120+. Is that correct?
Second one : A strange sound comes from the machine. I really dunno what is that, apparently comes from HD. The fans are ok.
While looking for information I found this video : Exactly the same sound at min 1:22, 1:23 as if it were a cry. Makes my crazy.

Thanks in advance for any recommendation.

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Posted by: Intuition
02-10-2019, 05:24 PM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
- Replies (4)

I am attempting to make a Houdini 5.5 tutorial today. I noticed the lic server isn't working. The main issue though is it says it can't connect to localhost which is weird. 
So I launched Firefox and though I can connect to the internet I noticed my homepage, which used to work, now no longer connects to localhost either.

if I use http://localhost/ in firefox it fails to connect. 
I need this to work so that the Houdini lic can work. 

Does anyone know what may be the culprit?

I forgot the command to see what daemons are on or off. Anyone have that info?

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Posted by: JacquesT
02-10-2019, 05:06 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (6)

Out of curiosity, is dvd playback possible on an O2? If it is, what are the minimum specs required?

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Posted by: PacMaN_2k1
02-10-2019, 01:42 PM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
- Replies (4)

hey there, i finally got it working :Smile
even some 3d software installed and runs (i even got licenses to work)
i want these octane demos! anyone knows where i can get them?
and : can anyone help me creating desktop links with icons? 
also i need to set some environment variables for matador.
it only uses the license (in its own folder) when i start the app from there directly (runon 1 cuz the license is only for single cpu)

thanks in advance

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Posted by: MikeK
02-09-2019, 06:41 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (2)

It's been over 20 years since I had the opportunity to try an O2 for about a month at the agency I worked for. Yesterday I picked one up in great condition, cleaned it up, blew out some dust and reseated the memory. It booted on first try into what looks like a clean install of IRIX 6.5. My question is: I don't see the welcome screen/O2 logo etc., only black, then it goes right to the login screen, so I'm wondering if the OS is set to do that, or if my monitor is not able to display it?

I don't have the root password and don't have an SGI keyboard yet, it's an HP and the escape key works as num lock, no other key works as escape. The monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 2443bw and works fine when I login to the guest or demo account at 1280x1024. Any suggestions? Thanks very much!

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Posted by: qzu
02-08-2019, 05:36 PM
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
- Replies (10)

Hello everybody!
I'm so glad that I've found this network...
Ten years ago I bought an Octane2 [512 megs ram, 1 x R12000, ODSY].
Played a lot with it (Bzflag, compiled Gentoo, etc.) then forgot it...
Now I struggled 15 days to get Gentoo working again but no avail... all is broken... got exhausted...
So I gave up with installing Gentoo and tried to get an usable machine by reinstalling Irix from scratch.
DINA was the game changer! I must admit I've used the "prepacked" one with 6.5 already crammed inside!!!
Shame on me...
I'm really happy with my beefy Octane2....can you hear the noise? []
Downloaded Bash, BzFlag, TightVNC and all dependencies. Used the software manager which is quite user friendly!
All green lights!! Cool!
But.... where is the software?
How can I launch it? From the shell?
Found vncserver digging around, tried and launch it but complained not founding vnc in PATH.
Help really appreciated!
Cheers everyone!

[EDIT: got VNC working by adding it's "bin" path to $PATH. Still, I don't get DISPLAY :0:0 (the Irix desktop) but :0:1, plain X windows with just an Xterm...]

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