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Posted by: brandonbates
02-16-2019, 04:53 AM
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
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It was working a several years ago when I last turned it on and I decided to power it on recently to see if it would boot - it didn't.  Hard drive won't spin up to speed (out of system on another PSU, bearings likely sticky).  More importantly no boot chime, power light comes on green in half a second, then no amber or anything else, just stays green.  Pulled the covers off the PSU connectors for the boards so I could measure in-situ.  Power rails all seem ok (5.xx,12.xx,-5.xx,-12.xx,3.30,3.56?? on yellow lines, and 14.3??? on 2 white-ish lines nearest the rear)  I was hoping it was the power supply but no.  Doesn't seem to match symptoms elsewhere for dead battery/etc (But maybe it is??)  Anyone else seen this or had this happen?  I've reseated the Extreme Graphics card, CPU, ram, and PROM.  I also removed the CDROM (in case it was causing issues).  Not an SGI expert here, just wanted to play with it a bit.  Ideas?  Haven't tried serial diagnostics but figured it hadn't gotten that far since the light didn't go amber.

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Posted by: PacMaN_2k1
02-15-2019, 04:52 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (4)

now the software install tool tells me that i need "mardi gras" gfx to install which is older i think than my vpro v6 !?
is it possible to install otherwise??? without switching the gfx board?

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Posted by: PacMaN_2k1
02-14-2019, 08:02 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (2)

before that :i tryied to add 6.5.3 overlays via software manager and my system didn't come up anymore Sad
so i thought: lets make a new install... but i couldn't get dina nor irixify to work (i now know : it was windows-network stuff)
anyway, i was forced to look for another way and found the (google:irix net install vagrant)-method. which works way better that all the 
other stuff i was trying/using before. just wanted to share my experience Wink


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Posted by: Irinikus
02-14-2019, 01:32 PM
Forum: Sun/ORACLE/Fujitsu
- Replies (5)

After running a blender test as well as Quake 3 on my V880z, equipped with six UltraSPARC III's running at 1.2GHz, I was rather disappointed with the system's performance, to say the least. 

The MIPS and PowerPC machines that I tested seemed to perform much better, when it came to executing these tasks! (When you consider performance vs clock frequency.)

So the question is: What were SPARC CPU's really good for, or what special properties did they possess, which made it worthwhile to keep on producing them?

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Posted by: def13
02-12-2019, 06:21 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (5)


I've got a script to patch a file, looks like that (line 6 and 7 are not the real datas) :

# comments

cd /usr/path to the I've to patch
patchfile myFile 0x00000000 0x00000000

# comments
But when I run this script with ./myScript in a console (or in winterm), it returns :
./myScript[7]: patchfile: not found

I try to do it manually :
cd usr/path to my file
patchfile myFile 0x00…

But the result is :
patchfile - Command not found


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Posted by: blacksmith
02-12-2019, 01:28 PM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (1)

I know is far fetch, but does anybody have Euclid CAD? It was first 3D CAD on Indigo2 in 1995. Big jump from AutoCAD 2d on i486.

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Posted by: vladio
02-12-2019, 04:17 AM
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
- No Replies

How are command changes sent to the mmsc? I'm trying to increase the debounce rate for the buttons on the mmsc, I get 2-5 hits per press and I'd like to increase the debounce rate. I found this:

MMSC is connected to 2 or more MSC ports; MMSC only used with 2 or more

MMSC display keypad debounce problem (FYI 100882 100884 100737) 
MMSC>r 1 MMSC>setenv DEBOUNCE_DELAY 200000

Do I have to connect to the mmsc through the 8-pin din?

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Posted by: necron2600
02-12-2019, 03:46 AM
Forum: Sun/ORACLE/Fujitsu
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Is there any hardware/bios limitation on max sized SATA drive in a SUN Ultra 45?
SUN Ultra 45s come with SATA drives.  Since SATA drives can now be quite large.. 10TB+..  can the SUN Ultra 45 support these?   
I am assuming there is a still a 2TB-max boot limitation in Solaris 10 though, but there are more SATA slots for use with ZFS.  


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Posted by: Intuition
02-12-2019, 03:44 AM
Forum: Art/CG/Rendering
- Replies (3)

Houdini 5.5 in Irix - part 1 - Houdini Basics.

Nav ---------

Mouse in 3D View - Left/Mid/Right click - rotate/dolly/pan -move 3D view when not in selection mode. 

ctrl + right click - menu showing hot keys

Mouse in node window - middle/right click - zoom/move view.

Tab - node list creation


S starts selection tool. You may select items


Right Click to get GIMBLE

T - Move gimble
R - Rotate gimble
E - Scale gimble

Once in Gimble mode MUST use SPACEBAR + Mouse clicks to move view.

HIT S to select different item to get out of gimble mode

Hit ESC to go back to non selection mouse only move view mode again.

W - on/off wireframe display.

SPACEBAR + T to switch node view into list view. 
SPACEBAR + T to switch single perspective to quad views.


If Item is selected in NODE VIEW you can press ENTER to jump inside node going from Transform top level to inside NODE SOP (Surface Operator) mode. This is equivalent to going into the shape node in Maya to change geometry vs just changing transform in world space. 

Apologies in advance for the monitor moire pattern. It is the only monitor I have that the Octane runs with. I do adjust the brightness after a few moments to make it is easier to see but the pattern is there. Hopefully you can still enjoy the information with the pattern being there. I couldn't see it until after I recorded it all and opened the files. Also cut off the bottom so you can't see the menus. I'll try to rectify this on the next Octane video by setting the camera in a better spot to remove the pattern more like during the particle portion near the end of the video.

If you go full screen it seems to distract less.

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Posted by: Axiolite
02-12-2019, 02:56 AM
Forum: Sun/ORACLE/Fujitsu
- Replies (2)

I want to exhaust the list of possibilites of why a V240 that I own won't boot past ALOM. For context, it did function... once. After that, one CPU heatsink's fan died and it wouldn't work past that. It did throw me an error that the CPU/heatsink/motherboard needed to be replaced, but all that seemed obvious is the fan. Well, it's just a matter of removing it and the chip, and it would work fine, right? But no amount of reseating or repasting or messing around would bring this system back from the dead. I just want to see if there's any last diagnostic I can do before declaring it dead and gutting it for spare parts for another system that does actually work.
Keep in mind that I don't have access to ALOM.
I think it has beeped sometimes, but I have no access nor knowledge of what they could mean (believe it has once beeped 3 times in succession and once beeped just once).

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