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Posted by: Manga
53 minutes ago
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
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Hello SGI community. I am new and proud owner of Octane 2. I always wanted to have SGI and finally I have this amazing machine. So far so good. This is my configuration:

2x R14000 600MHz and 1.2GB of RAM. 
Graphics is V10. 

 I was able to install IRIX 6.5.30 using this how-to:
Btw very much recommended. 
Also I installed patches from here:
I only installed patches without the conflicts - warnings. Everything else I have left alone since I am not really Irix expert. 

Now my question is - I installed 6.5.30. Did I make the right choice for this machine? 
I see that some people install 6.5.22. Is there any particular reason for this? 
Also on the Internet there is a reference to IRIXIFY VM - recommended by some SGI enthusiasts. 
Do you know where to find this awesome tool and what is the benefit?

Since installation was success I wanted to try famous SGI 3D demos! 
However for some reason I discovered that I don't have any demos installed  Dodgy
I assume I need separate "Demo disk" so I was able to download demos from some random site. 
Maybe not the best choice but well.... Beethoven is spinning  Big Grin Do you guys know if there is a better resource to get all the SGI demos, or if not all - at least a good collection?

Then I discovered Nekoware and so after playing with the script I was able to use mirror and I installed many useful programs... like bash, nano, vim, mc etc... Majority of applications will install and work just fine.
However for some applications I get a lot of conflict(s) or missing warnings. For example MPlayer, Pidgin, Gimp... Am I missing something? My impression was that Nekoware is designed to resolve and prevent this? What am I doing wrong?  Undecided

Finally my last question is regarding Quake 3 / Quake 1. 
My Q3 Nekoware-Nekodeps installation was success. 
After adding game files, game will start and work! However   Confused
For some reason only resolution that works fine is 320x240. Everything else will produce some artefacts (in the menus). Higher the resolution - more the chance for artefacts. Also sky gets broken sometimes. I was trying many different resolutions, quality settings etc... problem persist - In fullscreen and window mode as well. In addition to all this I am not sure why fullscreen does not scale. 320x240 looks tiny on my SGI LCD screen.  Rolleyes
Maybe my V10 is not the best choice for Quake? I hope that is not the case. Also Quake 1 will not start. 
Term will just close when I start Quake 1 binary. Again... I am lost.  Huh

Other than that I think I am making a good progress. 
Even after so many years machine is impressive! 
At this time I am keeping Octane in the office so my co-workers can take a look. Most of the staff are aging geeks like myself and there is no better toy in the world for us. Usually first reaction is cheese quote- "It is a UNIX system!!"  Big Grin 
Huh. Sorry for this long post. I hope you guys have some advice for me. 



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Posted by: callahan
2 hours ago
Forum: Beginners' Questions/Tips
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A question for the network gurus. Of course all ethernet is backwards compatible to 10BaseT, so you can plug an Indy into most modern hardware withou issue. But does doing so lower the overall speed of the network?

In my specific case I have an Indy, I2, and Octane connected to a 5 port 10/100/1000 switch that is daisy-chained directly to my main router/wireless access point. When the 10Mbit devices (or the 100Mbit Octane) are active in the network, will it degrade overall network performance?

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Posted by: shrek
6 hours ago
Forum: Other UNIX
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Didn't want to put this with Sun stuff because these distros are their own things now. What do you all think about OpenSolaris based projects like OpenIndiana and Tribblix? OpenIndiana offers a nice graphical installer and MATE desktop out of the box while Tribblix is more of the DIY option. I've been using it on an old laptop with WindowMaker. So far it seems like a good alternative to Linux/BSD if you want a solid *nix system.

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Posted by: Irinikus
7 hours ago
Forum: SGI Discussion
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Just for interest sake, eudatux23’s dual R12K 400MHz machine took 5 minutes and 19 seconds to render the same image.

So the dual 600MHz option is clearly much faster, at 3 minutes and 36 seconds!

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Posted by: Irinikus
8 hours ago
Forum: Hardware/Triage/Repair
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I was just running tests on my Octane2, when it suddenly stopped. I unplugged the power and then plugged it back in and the machine started, but with that electronic smell.

I quickly pulled the power supply and dismantled it and found that the following component was the source of the problem: (the yellow, square component)

[Image: tZ3fNMv.jpg]

[Image: VxN1aU3.jpg]

It looks like some kind of fuse to me.

If anybody knows what this component is, please let me know.

I was running the machine extremely hard, when the fuse tripped the power. (All the quake games at once + doom)

The machine is back up and running, but I will have to replace this component! (It looks like a large resettable fuse)

It connects the power supplies output to the busbars.

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Posted by: Raion
Today, 03:39 AM
Forum: Site Discussion
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In order to ensure a compromise between people who want more stuff to be hosted by us and the need to have secure, and locked down, assets, I've added a new server which will host non-critical http-only downloads.

It is located at

This will hold nekochan files that come as I find stuff that was hosted previously.

There is also, which has copies of tgcware.

This will be, if I can find copies, joined by sgifiles and a few others.

Thanks for your continued support, especially the donations have made it possible to expand these operations.

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Posted by: MikeK
Today, 03:16 AM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (4)

I have a clean install of 6.5 on my O2 and am trying to install the 6.5.30 Overlays set. I get a conflict that I need to install "eoe.sw.base (IRIX Base Execution Environment) from an additional distribution. Where do I find this and how do I install it? Any help would be great, thanks.

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Posted by: Raion
Today, 02:38 AM
Forum: IRIX/Software
- Replies (4)

Anyone got copies of these? I'd love to, now that I've got the first of several series of planned storage boxes, to mirror it as a http mirror.

If anyone's got complete or partial copies, please DM me or point me to them.


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Posted by: Axatax
Yesterday, 03:05 AM
Forum: Site Discussion
- Replies (4)

Are those computer types displayed above the user's avatar based on post count or is that something that can be changed in the profile?  Like 'O2', etc.

It's confusing if you've talked to other members on the chat and you're sure you were talking about a different machine.

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