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Full Version: Pls. Help. Forum SW says I'm a spammer....
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I was a user on Nekochan and I tried to make an account here.

The forum software says my e-mail address is associated with a spammer.  I had to make this account with a throw-away e-mail address.  I'd like to have my e-mail address reflect my real e-mail address, but I can't change it myself.

I've had this email address for ~20 years and I don't spam anybody Smile.  The domain is


EDIT:  I had to download Firefox to post this, because the software *also* said my browser (Palemoon on Linux) appears to be a Spambot....  What's going on with this????
Hey Jeff,

We use Cleantalk, a PHP-based cloud API system that is used to control spam (because I hate Captchas and refuse to use Google)

You can change your email address now, I should have whitelisted your IP/username so you can be exempt from it.

Good to have you here.
Thanks a bunch and good to be back!!